EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition


Clone any disk or USB memory


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EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition is a powerful tool that allows you to conveniently clone anything from a physical storage drive, be it a CD-ROM or a USB memory stick.

Using EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition is very simple, since it doesn't require any installation. You can start the cloning process with just two clicks.

Its main menu gives you three options: create a copy of a USB drive, create a copy of a CD or DVD, and export an ISO image. Just select the option that you need and click 'proceed'. Your chosen operation will begin in a matter of seconds.

It makes the copy sector by sector to assure that the final result is a perfect clone of the original. The program supports SATAI, SATAII, SCSI, Fire wire (IEEE1394), and USB. In terms of hard drives, the maximum size is 1 Terabyte.

EaseUS Disk Copy Home edition is a copying and cloning tool that, in addition to working perfectly, offers a convenient interface that makes running any operation easy as pie.
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